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Cutlasercut want to make the process of laser cutting and engraving as straight forward as possible. For us, working alongside identity designer Linda Byrne, this means realising their goals digitally. For the team at CLC, it means actually doing it. Making that journey from screen to reality as effortless as sending a file to print. We worked with Creative Director Matt Simmonds on tracing the journey. Vector to delivery.

Ideas. Made.

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Well, it starts with the first enquiry, and things come to us in quite a lot of different forms. It could be a sketch it could be just an idea that somebody’s writing down and they want to create. We try to help pretty much everyone. There’s a lot of configuration, a lot of stuff that people doing the project don’t really need to know about. Things like aligning the laser, making sure it’s focused correctly.

The actual process of cutting and engraving is actually fairly straightforward. We generally work with them to get the project as good as it can be. If they’ve chosen the material, any specific type of material which might be problematic, we advise on that in that kind of sense.

So yeah, you’ve got people with different ability levels. We adapt to try to obviously, accommodate. We'll run the job, just need to find out more about their idea of the concept. We will always double-check it, just to make sure that everything’s gone smoothly.

We meticulously pack things just to make sure that nothing’s going to go wrong. Either collected or delivered.


And that’s it?


That’s it.


Creative Direction
& Production by

Matt Simmonds

Director of Photography
Richard Reed

Sound Design by
George Demure

Thanks to
Everyone at CLC

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