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We’re also, as the name suggests, associates.

A With Associates Fieldnote Study Guide
For the period of September 2010 to May 2011

We commissioned natural history Illustrator Louise O’Reilly to create an agency portrait in the form of a fieldnote study guide, representing each of us as a plant (or composite organism) that we remember from our childhood, that in turn, represents each of us in a more unique and individual way.

In this months instalment of our annual project, we’re sharing and expanding on the guide, in order to give a little more depth into the associates at With. The ‘who we are’ behind the ‘what we do’.

Lateral Key - Code Table
Yes Yes Yes No No No Partner
No Yes Yes No No No Founding partner
Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Developer
No No Yes No No No Producer
No No Yes No Yes No Designer
Yes Yes Yes Yes Usually No Yes Cyclist
Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Tea drinker
No Usually no Yes Yes Yes Yes Coffee drinker
Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Currently at WA
Inapplicable Yes Inapplicable No no Inapplicable Beardy
Usually No Yes Yes No Yes Yes English
No No No No No No Offshore
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Safe to eat

Code table key

  • Yes
  • No
  • Usually No
  • Inapplicable


Many thanks to the lovely and talented Louise O’Reilly for all illustrations (view the original). This page is set in PT Serif from Google Web Fonts. This key has been adapted from ‘A Lateral Key to Common Grasses by C.A. Sinker. This idea is nothing to do with the lovely little namesake books by Coudal. Icons have been adapted from found copies. Alasdair Monk is definitely the best dressed in the studio. Alex no longer works at With Associates and is greatly missed. Jamie joined in March and is warmly welcomed.