With Associates

We’re a digital agency

We plan, design and build beautifully functional websites and apps.

We think that our digital output should feel just like how a finely hand-crafted artefact feels. Enticing in its tactility, interaction and ease of use. A joy to engage with and operate, even if the end purpose is mundane.

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We’re very much of the belief that people seem to be better at their trade when they treat it with the passion of a craftsperson. That’s something we encourage at With.

No task should be just a part of the process or feel like a labourious chore, but rather each stage of a project should contain something we can get meticulous – almost geeky – about. We take pleasure in the process of creating our projects, and we think it shows in the final product.

School kit School kit

From intelligent software development to pixel-perfect designs and smart UI touches, it’s the details that make a real difference to the quality of a final product. Like a custom-fit handknitted sweater, good digital work needs extensive planning, fastidious attention to detail and skilled execution to make the end product feel just right.

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